When it comes to BJJ gi brands, there are a few names that stand out. Tatami always seem to find their way at the top of the pile and their Fightwear Sub-Zero kimono proves why.

tatami sub zero bjj gi


The Tatami Fightwear Sub-Zero Ultra Light gi is designed for competition use. It’s made using 350gsm pearl weaved cotton, which makes it soft, airy and highly comfortable. With such thin material durability is always a worry, and it’s a common occurrence for practitioners to question the effectiveness of ripstop, but the Tatami Fightwear Sub-Zero can take a beating from even the most seasoned professional. What’s unique about this gi is that it’s one of the only models on the market that doesn’t combine ripstop with ultra light cotton. How they’ve done it, god only knows, but it’s certainly an impressive feat of engineering.


As with all quality products, the Tatami Fightwear Sub-Zero isn’t particularly cheap, but what it lacks in cost-effectiveness it certainly makes up for in quality. That said, this gi isn’t designed for the casual, once or twice per week hobbyist, but the serious fighter who wants to engage in competitive combat; therefore an expensive product should be expected. The main issue with this gi is that it can be deemed illegal in certain competitions purely because it doesn’t have ripstop material, although this is a rare occurrence.

About Ultra Light Gis

Ultra light BJJ gis are essential is mainstream competition. They’re designed with both durability and flexibility in mind and allow practitioners to move fluidly. While tough gis make it more difficult for opponents to execute moves, the wearer will often fatigue quicker and lose momentum.


The Tatami Sub Zero features an ultra-stiff collar, eight-ounce cotton pants, and a drawstring. In order to keep the weight to a minimum it has a very basic design with little patchwork or embroideries. This may bother those who prefer a “flashy” gi; however, since it’s designed for competition use, image will likely be of little concern for most buyers. The few embroideries that it has are found on the left shoulder, left leg and rear of the collar. Fundamentally, the design is very basic, but what it lacks in appearance it makes up for in performance.


The 350gsm jacket and 8-ounce twill cotton pants are very comfortable to wear; not just because they’re light, but because of the material’s softness. The only hindrance is the collar, which can rub and feel a little too bulky; however, as with any competition gi, that’s expected. The most beneficial element, however, is that users report very little shrinkage after washing, leaving no nasty surprises.


For an ultra light gi the Tatami Fightwear Sub-Zero is impressively durable. Of course, it’s not as strong as heavier models, but it certainly makes the grade and can hold its own. Reinforcements are found on the knees and side vents, ensuring that it can take an extra load of pressure in the areas that are commonly targeted.


All-in-all the Tatami Fightwear Sub-Zero Ultra Light Competition Gi will make the perfect addition to your collection if you’re a serious fighter. No gi is perfect, and like martial arts, every model has their strengths and weaknesses. Less serious practitioners may be more suited to the Tatami Zero GV3, which is more durable and better looking, but heavier. However, the Sub-Zero is certainly recommended for those looking to take their skills further than the dojo.