Hello readers!

My name is Alejandro Manuel and welcome to my website. Firstly, a little about myself… I grew up in the United Kingdom (although I have Portuguese heritage) and come from a long line of traditional martial artists; my parents studied karate, my brother studied kung fu and my grandparents practiced a very obscure style of judo. As you can imagine, martial arts has always been a big part of my life. Although I studied capoeira and taekwondo  from a very early age, I didn’t discover Brazilian jiu-jitsu until my mid-teens; that’s when my entire life changed.

I started studying BJJ when I was 15, but didn’t take it too seriously until my early twenties when I began studying human biology at Oxford Brookes University. This is when I decided to step it up a notch. I trained long and hard, managed to move up the ranks, and eventually achieved brown belt status. After finishing my studies I moved back to central London to work as a fitness instructor and nutritionist — which is my current occupation.

It was when I started working that I began to enter and arrange grappling competitions. I had my fair share of wins and losses, and while I once had high hopes to go pro, after having first-hand experience I realized that it wasn’t the competitive element that attracted me, it was the social element. BJJ is a wonderfully friendly martial art and I truly believe it makse you a better person.

I continue to study BJJ on a daily basis. One day I hope to own my own martial arts gym where I can hold classes and introduce more and more people to the wonderful world of martial arts. I plan on using this website to share my knowledge; not just about Brazilian jiu-jitsu, but my entire training philosophy.